See how it all works and how you can directly benefit from our experience.



20% returns in 24 months


Money on the hoof

Our expertise is Beef Production.

It’s what we do best.

It takes 24 months to raise beef calves to adulthood on pasture.

If you are looking for a “get rich quick” scheme this is not for you and you are not for us.

We offer stable growth on your investment backed by sound business practices that minimize environmental impact.

All aspects of raising the calves, ensuring optimum health and growth are taken care of.

We take them to market and process all back-office operations for you.

Diversify your portfolio, invest your capital and watch it grow consistently. 




Your investment can be scaled up at any time with our Roll Over Program


Small is beautiful

Cattle capacity is currently capped to a maximum of 1,000 head of cattle at any one time on our farms.



You can start out small and scale-up your investment as required.

Flexibility is provided through our Roll Over Program which allows you to build your herd at your own pace.

A continuous revenue stream can be achieved facilitating you in building on your initial capital investment.

No matter how you look at it, building something worthwhile over time pays.

Historically, it has been proven that consistency is key to successful wealth generation.

Thus emphasizing the importance of taking advantage of our Roll Over Program.




Transfer Your Accumulated Assets Directly To The Ones That Matter Most



Inter-generational wealth transfer makes sense.

It’s the only logical next step.

After building up your herd, the next logical step is to pass it on to the ones that matter the most.

They can carry on your legacy and benefit directly from your success.

Wealth transfer needs to be simple, so we designed a Beneficiary Program to take care of that.

Take advantage of our forward thinking and secure your legacy ahead of time.


A year from now you will wish you started today

funding OPTIONS

Bitcoin (via Checkout)

For other Cryptocurrencies contact us directly via email.

Etherium, Cardano, Monero and more

** Minimum 5 Calves **

Due to transaction fees

For direct bank transfer you should contact us directly via email for transfer instructions.

** Minimum 5 Calves **

Due to bank transfer costs.

Investment Units

A Calf

20% R.O.I.
Fully Insured
Certificate of Ownership
Rollover Program Eligible
Beneficiary Program Eligible


 Working in the city means that I don’t get chance to partake in what is most fascinating to me, I’m glad I found the Digital Beef Fund. Watching my investment grow with you guys is awesome!! I love those baby calves, so cute.

Andrea Stevens

I own cows!! Isn’t this great? Man, thanks Barbudera for your consistency, we are enjoying your cattle ranching videos on YouTube too.

Pete S.

Excellent work. You delivered on your promise yet again. Congratulations and thank you for your service !!
Enrolled on the new rollover program. Very excited.

James Carr

quality assurance