The most environmentally adapted cattle for tropical regions are the “Brahman Breed”. Also known as Bos Indicus.

Brahman cattle have more sweat glands than European breeds, also known as Bos Taurus, making them more suited to the hot humid climate.

This is a key factor in reducing caloric stress. Either purebred Bos Indicus or Bos Indicus x Bos Taurus crossbreeds are the only types of animals we raise on our farms.

herd health

We follow a strict vaccination program ensuring that the herd can withstand any seasonal illnesses that may arise.

Vitamin supplements are administered via intramuscular injection every 3 months accompanied by a daily ration of oral vitamin block and salt.

This leads to higher feed conversion rates and overall stronger health. Pasture raised cattle produce higher quality beef and we ensure that they are in optimum condition for the task.


A variety of pastures are at the disposal of the cattle on our farms. Just like us, they would get bored of eating the same food every day.

Our paddocks are filled with succulent grasses such as Mombasa and Cayman blends, we also have Tanner and Swazi grass that are more traditional  lowland forrage.

Great care has been taken to select the finest quality pastures to ensure a more balanced diet and overall top quality nutrition.

Sustainable Agroforestry

Is the term used to identify the type of land stewardship that we practice on our farms.

A healthy mix of forestry and agriculture. Selected trees and pastures that compliment each other are planted together to minimize environmental impact.

Watch our Video to learn more.

Herd Capacity

1,000 head.

The Barbudera Digital Beef Fund has the capacity to pasture-raise 1,000 head of cattle.

Herd capacity is constantly increasing as we transform our paddocks from traditional grasses to more specialized high quality hybrids.