Cattle Insurance

Your calves are insured for the total value of your initial investment. In layman’s terms, if your calf experienced a problem such as a broken leg or got struck by lightning, there is no need to worry because the government backed insurance covers the total amount of the initial investment ($500). We would simply replace your calf the following year at no extra cost. 

What the Insurance covers:

  • Fracture (simple and compound)
  • Binding (when an animal gets stuck in mud)
  • Snake Bite
  • Falling off a precipice or in a ditch
  • Strangulation
  • Asfixiation (esophageal obstruction)
  • Africanized Bee Attacks
  • Lightning strikes / Electrocution
  • Drowning
  • Predators

Due to our excellent animal husbandry practices our insurance claim average is extremely low, 0.5% which means that roughly only 5 calves per 1,000 are adversely affected. 

Visit the Insurer’s website for more information:

visit i.s.a website


15 Years Experience

Initially when we bought our first farm we started reforesting with teak and native hardwood species to recover the areas that were degraded. After successfully establishing our plantations we introduced cattle into our operation and at the same time established high quality pastures and legumes.

As we have progressed in our endeavors we have constantly been acquiring more land and expanding to the point where we are now.

Over 12,000 trees planted, cattle in the thousands and hundreds of investors that have benefited from our expertise.

Our team of wranglers contribute a lifetime of experience, they were born in the saddle and their wealth of knowledge is a huge asset that helps to forge the quality assurance that you can tap into when owning calves.

See more photos of our team in action:

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No data is shared with any third party entities.

100% Guaranteed.

We do however, relish the fact that many of our investors choose to actively participate in their investment by watching our YouTube videos which give an insight into our operation and also updates on the progress of the animals.

A select few have also visited our ranches here in Panama and we encourage this enormously. From experience, once an investor has felt the joy of owning cattle they stay with us for years.

All transactions are private and secure and we provide you with the option to purchase calves using Cryptocurrency which adds an extra layer of anonymity if so desired.

secure transactions

Secure Transactions

Your peace of mind is paramount and we understand this at Barbudera.

That is why we make sure all transactions are encrypted with SSL 4096 bit RSA key protocol, twice as secure as the industry standard.

No data is stored to the cloud.